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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Far from FINISH!

Assalamu'alaikum and greetings to all my readers (Like Queen n Queen greetings..haha).

I've been posting much lately (even though just 2 or 3 posts : Well... I've considered that much already =P)

Lately or even before that, I've bought some books but hardly to finish them even for one.huhu

Am I that busy? (Excuse, Excuse and more Excuses...lalala~) But still, I want to share with you guys, the one I've been reading on lately.

Yup. This one. (In Malays)

It's interesting, I've just read a few chapters in the beginning. I'll try my best to finish it soon as I can (to share with later on). I've got one paper for tomorrow. I haven't done with my study just... yet.haha BRILLIANT me! I wish! bahaha

Tawakal 'ala ALLAH. Wallahu'alam.