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Saturday, February 4, 2012

GrandMa: I did it for love.

Assalamu'alaikum wbt and hello.

I was amazed on how you did it even without your ability to read and write. You said “I was stupid” before for not able to do so. How it breaks my heart to hear that from you. Like someone tear me apart into million pieces times two.

Even so, knows that I always LOVE YOU.

You said that I was no good. The life that you lived before was the hardest and it was not easy to raise “my children” so they can stand up on mountain. My tears drop that I can’t seem put a stop on it. I knew that everything you did were the best of all things you can get. Even so, knows that I always LOVE YOU.

7 wonder you brought to the world. And each of them, there was a special magical that He (ALLAH) gave to you. There will be always yours like how you treated them since you knew that there was a ‘special’ growth inside of you. And just like that, my LOVE for you will always there.

“ABC was not my thing”, “The kitchen was where am supposed to be”. The choice wasn’t yours to make. The perception in an ancient time put things 'the way they are'. And it is how you place a respect for everything into the higher place. But more and so, you did it wonderfully.

Now, you are no longer illiterate. Even though ABC still not your thing. Kalamullah is your main priority to read and practice. And what you have got now, ALHAMDULILLAH.

But, knows also for all the things that happened, ALLAH has planned them gracefully. All things you have sacrificed for, I believe and you believe that “I did it for love”.

I dedicate this to one of my 'many' special loves in my life. It is to remind me, how lucky I was to have a father and also a mother that shaped and moulded me. In the making of me, before me: came my parents, and before them: came my grandparents. ALHAMDULILLAH ya ALLAH.=)


With full of LOVE,