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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Learn To Drive And Exam in the Same TIME!


Ha... now I have sometimes before going to KL today. Got something to do before my flight back tomorrow to BORNEO Land Below Da Wind. I miss KK so much! Can't express it in words. Too precious. =)

I've just finished my exam yesterday, and i tought today will be the good day to write something in my blog. Ha! =P

4 days before my last paper (subject: Pre-Contract Administration For Quantity Surveyors), I decided to take 4 session of 8 hours, 1 session per 2 hours to learn driving to get a license of course! =) It makes me wondering, why do people driving a car? so many factors pop into my mind.

My driving teacher always remind me the total of accidents per year higher and higher, like a non-stop. "You have to control your speed!" he said. "You have to do this... and that... and then bla..bla..bla" he reminds me AGAIN and AGAIN (like the 2PM's song title - hehe). All of them going around and around wandering in my head. Life is so much precious, it is like an oasis in the desert and snow in the sahara (quote from Life is an Open Secret : You, Me and We by Zabrina A.Bakar - Read it!).

I think personally, life is amanah from ALLAH. Every second and every minute ALLAH gave us air to breathe. Isn't it amazing? For free, no charge! Same as driving, on the road I believe people life and my life are my amanah to take care of. If we start from Basmallah, InsyaALLAH we are in care of ALLAH SWT. And the rest Tawakal ala' ALLAH (Give all to ALLAH to decide what's best for us!).

So, what are the purpose for me and you to learn driving?


Until then, c ya all later. =)