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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Value Your Friendship...


For this posting, I'd like to share my hobby which is what I like the most to watch during my free and busy time, perhaps? Please forgive me, for my -ve 'thing' in Grammar. It's weird, doesn't it?

I would like to apology to all my blog's readers because I don't update my blog recently. I don't have any excuse to give. It is my fault, hope your guys can forgive me. Be very nice ok?hehe I'll try to write something in english because my readers are also not 'Orang Melayu' = "Malay People". Well, well. English is language that is use widely in today's world. Isn't it? I'll try my best to include some 'Bahasa Melayu' = "Malay Language" to educate and share to you guys. So, I hope the positive feedback and you guys will educate me in return. (Other language also possible!) ONE WORLD + BROTHERHOOD = one religion (ISLAM)

I also welcome people from others belief respectfully that come and visit my blog. Very nice of you =) I write on my free will. Words are more powerful to change people than jewelleries. It is long lasting and become history one day. InsyaALLAH. I'll write not to seek for enemies. I'll write in hoping to get a positive return to share and to educate you, also for my own reminder. People are lost sometimes. I'll hope ::you:: the one who will remind me. Yes you! Readers! =D

This is the topic I adore most of the times. Life is very simple. But sometimes it can be complicated. In our long journey, along the way we'll meet some people maybe passing by in every chapter of our life. Sometimes we called them rival, sometimes we called them friends and up to BEST OF FRIENDS!

People been asking me, have you ever felt down by your best friends? Guess, what would my answers be? Of course, I've experienced it same as you guys. I'll start to recognize the words best friends when I was in elementary school. At that time, I don't know much. And I lost that best friends when I was in my high school at Form 3. Since then, I was thinking that I've lost contact with her after we started our life in high school. Well, life must go on. But, sometimes we have to look back to get the precious lesson from it.

Until now, there are some people I like to thanks properly. Thanks because you all be able to give and take what is bad and good from me: mostly the bad attitudes. And you guys complete my life well by giving your best to find out my good side and open your eyes widely to improve my bad side. I am very thankful and appreciate it, you guys like my second eyes when I am lost, when I am far, when I am forget and when I am weak. May ALLAH bless you all and give the best to you now and hereafter. Ameen Ya RABB.

My Free and Busy Time?

During my free time or busy time as well, I like to watch some variety shows and dramas either KOREAN or JAPANESE drama. But, KOREAN is in my first list to watch. And it is a must thing to find! Surprise? But I value it and give me sometimes to think about moral of their stories and so on. Try it! You will find it interesting! I'll bet!=j

And so about the variety show they did. Like Intimate Note! KOREAN variety show. The other day, I tried to do some search about videos on the YouTube and I find one! Guess which one? The Intimate Note! There was a band name Super Junior who were the guest at the show. I like the Super Junior group! They said at one of their interview Super Junior (13 members) same as friendship! Even one member is not presents, their felt uncomplete!

Do we think the same shoes as them? Even one of our best friend is absent in one day, do you remember him or her? Do you give him or her a call? Asking are you not feeling well? Maybe he or she got some problems?

Maybe, some of my readers did not agree if I give them as an example to follow. The positive think we take and the bad think we take it as a lesson. Simple as that. Like JAPANESE people, their value the time very much! I would see that as their advantage in life. Wal 'asr. Do we value it?

And I would like to remind all of us (including me=]) we must think of ourselves fault before we look for others. The key is with us. We are reflection of other people. And others are also our reflection. So, we all the same. ALLAH creates us human in the best shape. Fell lucky? Alhamdulillah. Thanks to ALLAH.

Sorry if what I wrote hurts you guys. My bad.

And what's come good all praise to ALLAH.

From HIM we came and to HIM we'll returned.

Until then, wallahu'alam.