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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Syurga Cinta...

Release Date: 21st May 2009

Language: Malay
Running Time: 100 mins

Rating: U
Genre: Romance / Drama
Awal Ashaari, Vincent Kok,
Directed by:
Ahmad Idham
Local Distributor:Metrowealth

"Syurga Cinta" or a.k.a. Heavenly Love might be a movie title that seems a little cliche or unappealing to some but no matter how you feel about it, the title actually illustrates the exact plot of the movie. Well-known actor, Awal Ashaari, stars in this movie alongside a newcomer, Heliza. The movie tells a story about two Muslims of Malay ethnicity with traits and believes that differs from one another and how parental guidance bestows a tremendous influence on the child's future.

The film opens with the scene of Irham's (Awal Ashaari) homecoming being celebrated by him and his buddies at a nightclub. The next day, Irham was given a challenge by his mates (Shaheizy Sam and Fizz Fairuz) to court a pious Muslim girl, Syuhadah (Heliza). Within a month, he must break up their relationship in front of his friends to win the bet.

Placing religious subject matters in a romantic relationship related to youths, the movie is viewed as a medium to educate and foster its audience. There's no denying that there are numerous religious values implanted within "Syurga Cinta" making it something positive to look forward to. However, when the film becomes so dense, it shifted to appear as something unrealistic and seemed made-up by the creators of the film. It is true that the abundance of information and dialogues were inserted into the script, but are there actually people in the real world right now that would speak like how the film portrays people to speak?

For the role of Irham that is played by Awal Ashaari, it is not distinguishable from the roles that he had played in the past. Although, an applause should be given to Awal for his success in embracing the role especially during the scene where Irham went on to meet an uztaz and was finally aware of the sins that he had done. The role of Syuhadah that is played by newcomer, Heliza, however was not performed well by Heliza but it is forgiven since this is her first feature film. Hadziq played the role of Ikmal, an active and brilliant 8 year-old boy that is unquestionably joyful to the audience. His behavior is enough to make the audience laugh.

The director succeeded in sending out messages of religious values to the viewers but unfortunately, it would better if they could make it more realistic to people. To the fans of such films, "Syurga Cinta" is a touching and heart-warming film for you to watch.

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